BREAKING: 220 billion ISK Titan down

Pandemic Legion celebrates first anniversary of revolution with historical reenactments held across Immensea

B-R5RB: One year on from the bloody revolution that saw the toppling of their enemies, thousands of PL grunts today celebrated this anniversary with a series of historical reenactments of Titan losses and many more subcap lossmail events held around the Immensea region.

Huge crowds gathered calling for the killmails of the huge titans, expertly recreating scenes from the fabled events of yesteryear.

“It’s super great to see Pandemic Legion commemorating this important date in such a way,” said Admiral Snowbird, a historical reenactments enthusiast from Goonswarm Federation. “And so many really put the effort in to wear accurate period clothing and use historical weaponry.”

The killmail can be found here.

The Kan was unavailable for comment.


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