Naughty Cargo accuses 3D Horrorshow of ‘building his career by trashing hers’

MOLDEN HEATH: Naughty Cargo has blamed her ex-husband 3D Horrorshow for breaking up her ‘happy little family’ and accused him of ‘trashing’ her to help his own career.
The mother-of-fourteen has opened up about her devastation in a new book – Love, Titans, Lipstick And Lies – which is being serialised in The Teonusude Bongle.
Speaking about her pain following the split, she writes: ‘It felt to me he was building up his own career by trashing mine, all he would talk about was that flaming titan win on blink and his stupid wolf fits and all his friends in R1FTA, all of which he thought had turned him into a rockstar sexgod.’

And she admits that despite it being over a year since he walked out she still doesn’t understand what happened.

She continues: ‘I thought we had a secure, happy little family in the corp we were in together, something which I have always wanted. But that happy family was destroyed when 3D pressed that stupid button and subsequently walked out – telling me it was over in a phone call when I had visited him in Heild.
‘To this day he has never properly spoken to me about why he left so I could never get any closure on our marriage. I thought we were the ultimate spaceship couple, how wrong I was.’

In the extract Naughty reveals that at the time he left her she was still coming to terms with the dizzy level of fame and stardom that infamous blink titan win had propelled 3D and his glamour wife to.
The couple, who met during their time on I’m An ex-R1FTA Pilot Get Me Out Of Here, have two clone children together – 4D, 8, and Princess Horrorshow, 6.
She admits that after he walked out on her she knew she would never be able to trust him again, particularly after he began promoting his new titan win shortly after the split – raising questions in her mind if publicity may have played a part in his decision.

After the split Naughty reveals that she found it hard seeing him ‘being held up as some kind of saint and superstar’ while she received negative publicity and was even called a rockstar hanger-on in the press.

The blogger and New Eden pilot writes that she struggled not only because of the on-going legal action between them but also due to the comments made by 3D about her in various chat channels and the press.

She recalls an image of Princess Horrorshow wearing false eye-lashes, an I :heart: 7-2 t-shirt and make-up which caused a stir.
At the time she writes that 3D laughed about the picture but when things turned sour between them he blasted her for allowing their daughter to dress up in such a way.

A recent unlikely reunion was thought to be on the cards when Naughty rejoined the Black Rebel Rifter Club, where 3D was working, although that soon turned sour due to differences in opinion and an untenable working relationship.

Naughty Cargo recently joined Shadow Cartel after a failed bid to join Molden Heath Super Corp Calamitous-Intent.

Love, Titans, Lipstick And Lies by Naughty Cargo is available on February 14 and costs ISK 18.99



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