Black Frog customer absolutely mystified as to why 20 small freight containers don’t qualify as hand luggage

JITA: According to reports, the customer was seen loudly arguing with a Black Frog representative at the Jita cargohold check-in desk and appeared to be absolutely dumbfounded that she was not being allowed to take her 20 small freight containers on board the jump freighter as hand luggage. Eyewitnesses suggested that the 30-something sunglasses-wearing Caldari woman had spent the past 10 minutes screaming about the injustice of the situation, holding up the queue of about 50 other customers.

At the time of going to press, the woman had been allowed on the jump freighter (not usually allowed with courier contracts) with just four of the containers compacted and wrapped in plastic wrap and was seen berating a stewardess over the fact that they wouldn’t fit in the overhead lockers.


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