Chaos at Goonswarm champagne shower party after guests sprayed with wrong vintage

AF0-V5: There were ugly scenes at a Goonswarm beach club last night after issues arose regarding the vintage of the products being sprayed in a champagne shower.

Chaos erupted just after downtime at the ‘AF0 Slowcats saved this station’ Champagne Titan Shower Pool Party held in the resort system of AF0-V5 when several guests noticed that they were being sprayed with Dom Mittan Magnum Vintage YC 108 while others were being showered with the marginally more expensive Dom Mittan Magnum Vintage YC 105.

“It was just revolting, a real kick in the face,” said LIZARDMAN INVADER, a GoonWaffe marketing manager. “When we discovered that we were being showered with a less exclusive vintage while others were soaked in more expensive and desirable champagne, we were quite naturally very upset.”

Eyewitnesses claimed that there had initially been strong language and shouting aimed at the waiting staff, some of the staff believed to be captured PL spies forced to don the suit and bow tie, before several guests reportedly tried to take the more expensive champagne by brut force.

“It was just carnage. People were being pushed in the pool clutching the bottles,” said one.

Eventually, party organisers managed to calm the situation by agreeing to add an extra shuttle full of the expensive fizz to the drinks menu and agreed to the use of bigger fireworks with each drink order.


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