Fears as James 315 unveils New Eden’s first 3D printed Stabber

YULAI: Highsec leaders have expressed concern after representatives of James 315 revealed what they claimed to be New Eden’s first bump Stabber made entirely from components manufactured using a basic 3D printer.

The new Stabber, which was revealed in a video broadcast yesterday by the group from Halaima, has been confirmed as real by experts over at battleclinic.com, prompting fears that more could become operational around highsec and that the design could soon find its way into public hands.

In a statement released this morning, the Highsec Department of Homeland Security said that under current laws, printing a Stabber in this way would be “considered illegal” and that it was “deeply concerned about the potential spread of such technology of hate”.

“As the cost of 3D printing plummets, without the right response now we could soon see these ships of terror being mass produced in manufacturing hubs across New Eden,” warned highsec secretary of state Jonbom Beltcleaner.


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