Men’s summer fashions to be dominated by Goonswarm terrorist group look

DODIXIE: CFC forces may have hit the news headlines recently for their military expansion in the south, but the Mittani-linked group has also been causing a stir on catwalks across the cluster.

At this week’s Dodixie Men’s Fashion Week, the trademark all-black outfit worn by Goon terror operatives is expected to have a presence across a number of the major shows, according to experts.

“Simply put, the Goon’s fashion-forward signature ensemble of retro black balaclava, classic black sweater and black tapered combat pants with an elasticated waist, plus statement white sports sneakers, is set to be the men’s look of YC 116,” said Dodixie Middle Eden’s fashion editor Turd Buquet. “We’re going to see them in all the top Spring/Summer shows, from House of Ranai to Vallou, and soon across all the major empire stores.”

Although designers are remaining tight-lipped about their upcoming collections, industry insiders believe some fashion houses are likely to take their upcoming Goon-themed catwalk shows a step further.

“I’d be very surprised if we didn’t see some of the more daring choose to accessorise their creations with miniature doomsday devices and bomb launchers,” said one.



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