Starving Capsuleers delighted to make it on to reddit front page

JITA: Thousands of starving Capsuleers were celebrating last night after they joined dancing household pets and celebrity AMA’s on the world’s most popular internet front page, reddit.

“I can’t believe we finally made it,” said Maggy Lycander as she waited seven hours for bread in Sendaya. “I mean, we’re right up there with ’7 Reasons Your Cat Is Adorable’, ’15 Sexy CCP Devs’ and ’25 Funniest Shadoo Photobombing Memes’. This is the best day ever!”

Failing to mention she had just fell from the arsehole of her Titan doomsday machine.

The article on the starving Capsuleers, number 9 on the reddit top list at the time of going to press, was yesterday wedged between a three-second repeating GIF video of Reese Witherspoon at the Golden Globes and an article about McDonald’s secret menu items.

“Our starvation right next to the McDonald’s menu! It’s just awesome,” said Chango Atacama as he was seen hunting for scraps in a burned out Ragnarok hull.

Regular reddit reader and Curse resident, KarmaHoney_YoloSwagMommy94, said she was ‘real glad’ to see the Capsuleers on the reddit list. “I didn’t click on it or anything but it made me feel like a good person because I read the headline and gave it an upvote,” she said.

Reddit news editor, Auto Moderator, said that the EVE Online article generated 191,215 clicks, compared to 32,546,457 for ’19 Dogs Who Would Be Awesome Ninjas’ and 43,569,324 for ’12 Things Only Short People Born In The 80s Would Understand’.



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