Dodixie tourist pairs white loafers with tiny Speedos in landmark fashion move

DODIXIE: In what has already been described as a “landmark fashion statement”, a Dodixie tourist was today spotted at the station complex beach resort wearing white loafer shoes with a tiny pair of Speedo swimming trunks.

A photograph of Dodixie-based imports/exports entrepreneur TehCloud in the ensemble soon leaked online, sparking an immediate response from the Gallente fashion industry.

“It’s a triumph, pure and simple,” tweeted celebrated fourteen-year-old blogger Kirith Kodachi. Several experts have suggested ‘Dodixie Spoafer’, as the style has been termed, will take New Eden’s beach resorts by storm and several new sightings have since been seen as far as Amarr and Jita, mostly on Gallente tourists.

Meanwhile, TehCloud himself has said he has yet to come to terms with his meteoric rise to fame. “It’s just been amazing,” he said. “Especially since it only happened because I couldn’t find my flip flops which I had left in my Stratios, so instead wore some white loafers, of which I have 14 pairs.”



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