Goonswarm security forces arrest Pandemic Legion cleaner

YULAI: Goonswarm’s hardcore military government extended its crackdown on Pandemic Legion this morning, arresting the group’s head cleaner, state-run television The Mittani-Vision (TM-V) has reported.

Princess Leonesse, 28, is the latest key member of the group to be taken into custody. She was arrested in the HED-GP system of Catch after security forces obtained information that she was hiding in an apartment belonging to her best friend Shadoo’s sister-in-law Erotica Extreme, currently on holiday in the Immensea region with her two clone children, Abdulla and Clive.

No official charges have yet been announced following the arrest, but Goonswarm’s interior minister Lieutenant 3DGAYWORLD earlier indicated that Leonesse was wanted for crimes including “keeping [Pandemic Legion] offices spick and span” and “inciting tidiness in and around the kitchen area”. She was reportedly discovered with “several” cleaning products in her possession that were intended for terrorist activity “over a variety of dirty surfaces”.

The move follows the arrest of hundreds of other members of the PL movement over the past few days. Just yesterday two key members of PL’s catering team were taken into custody having been found hiding in a central HED-GP basement flat with a contraband Titanespresso machine.


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