Sindel Pellion’s ‘I Will Survive’ tops Goonswarm music charts

JITA: A recently released disco song by Pandemic Legion pilot and songstress Sindel Pellion has stormed to the top of the Goonswarm music charts.

Many Goonswarm citizens have clamored to download the hit track ‘I Will Survive’ and others have been seen singing the song around the empire’s many outposts and space stations as CFC morale peaks at an all-time high. The catchy tune which pokes fun at the recent Pandemic Legion defeat in the great titan battle of B-R5RB, but also hints at statements of intent on a Pandemic Legion return, has even been heard blasting from the public speaker system in Mittanigrad.

Goonswarm citizen Spooge McGee seemed delighted with the chart topping hit. “It’s such a fantastic song, really wonderfully sung and a beautiful voice with perfect lyrics,” he said as he left morning prayers in Mittanigrad.

Experts are predicting that it will go on to beat YC 112 record chart topping hit ‘I’m Too Sexy For Goonswarm’.


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