SOMER blink to sponsor suicide catalyst army

DODIXIE: The New Order has announced a groundbreaking sponsorship deal with SOMER blink, which will see James 315’s fleet of mining code inspectors and suicide catalysts branded with the gambling site’s distinctive blue and yellow livery.

“Sponsorship is an effective and mutually beneficial way of supplementing The New Order’s defense budget,” said spokesman and agent of The New Order Ario Drumall. “Thanks, SOMER blink, for giving ISK to the saviors of highsec!”

“We are delighted to contribute to the war on afk mining and illegal mining operations,” added SOMER blink spokesman No Blinkin Soul. “SOMER blink always seeks to take highsec life to new extremes – whether it’s on mission acceleration gates, at the edge of wormhole space, or in remote asteroid belts sheltering suspected illegal mining operatives.”

The new SOMER blink-branded catalysts will be deployed from the beginning of next month. Rumored future deals with and Chribba are yet to be confirmed.


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