Goonswarm fans feeling ripped off as The Mittani starts sixth regional tour in under 3 months

DELVE: The Mittani fans across Delve yesterday admitted to feeling cheated by their glorious leader, after he began his sixth tour to the region since returning from a luxury yachting trip to Fountain in October.

“I mean, the first time was brilliant and my friends and I all made sure we had front row seats,” said Asteroid Cruncher, 17, in JP4-AA. “But by his third and fourth shows just a couple of months later, it was, like, really?”

Bacon Pigbottom, 19, in 8F-TK3, concurred. “It’s not as if he brings any new material each time, like Suas or Sindel. It’s a complete joke,” he said.

But given The Mittani’s teenage fan base, it’s the parents that are feeling the pressure most of all from his numerous tour dates. “I think it’s just shameless ISK grabbing,” said Digital Ebola, a 39-year-old mother of two in FM-JK5.

“You know, it’s not just the tickets, which are expensive enough anyway, but all the merchandising that goes with it, the official t-shirts, posters, miniature titans, calendars and duvets. Of course, my two girls want everything. [The Mittani] must be absolutely coining it.”


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