Low Security Tourist Board: “We just need the right social media strategy”

AMAMAKE: The Low Security Tourist Board is optimistic about reviving regional flagging visitor numbers, a spokesman has insisted.

Speaking from the faction-warfare-gated-scarred ruins of the organisation’s headquarters in Amamake, marketing manager Buuymor Linkaltz said: “It’s true that we’re facing a challenging period. But we’re confident that with social media, we can start fresh conversations about what Low Security space in YC 116 offers travellers.”

Pausing to post a photo of a mangled industrial wreck on the ‘Visit Heimatar’ Facebook page – captioned “Whose alt do you think this was? Share and Like!” – he continued:

“People look at Lowsec on the news and they see a cascade of violence and despair. It’s partly true – but even in the face of humanitarian catastrophes, we’ve still got time to engage with visitors on the platform of their choice.

“A few of our interns have had to leave due to losing snake implants and things, but we still guarantee answers to any questions within 30 minutes!” he added, as he responded to a tweet requesting locations of medical facilities in Auga.

Questioned on the campaigns they were considering, Buuymor remained tight-lipped, but hinted “we’re looking at incentivising visits to key attractions with a photo-based competition called #lowsecsocool.”

“Though it would help if the WiFi out here worked for longer than 3 minutes at a time,” he added.


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