PL retreats to Dronelands, Grath Telkin eats a shit sandwich

ETHERIUM REACH: Sniggerdly corp leader Grath Telkin today gave the order for his Pandemic Legion minions to retreat back to the relative safety of The Dronelands, abandoning his N3 buddies in the process. Presumably this move is aimed at recovering from their disastrous multi-trillion ISK leap into the Titan black hole that was B-R5RB.

Speaking on Grath was quoted as saying. “My corp, my fucking corp, took a hit of around 1.5 trillion ISK. My alliance as a whole took a shot to the nuts somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.5 trillion ISK. Those numbers are beyond staggering in nature and dwarf the amount of money more than half the alliances in EVE will ever see, much less recover from.”

He continued. “And right now that’s what needs to happen. I need my people to get a chance to recover.”

“I’ve been in PL for a really long time, and all the whelps we’ve had have been chump change to the actual members in comparison to the losses we’re facing here, and coupled with BL knocking on the door in Drones near constantly I made a judgement call to get my people whole.”

Grath then had to cut short his speech as his pre-ordered brunch arrived.

“I eat a shit sandwich, I pull back, I get my people right, I get my house right, and I get my cap fleet back in order, and then we see where life is and how things are going.” He said before tucking into his meal.



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