Quafe to sponsor Verge Vendor region, name change planned

CISTUVAERT: The Federal Senate has announced that the little-known Verge Vendor region is likely to be re-branded as the Verge Vending Machine region after a proposed lucrative sponsorship deal with the Gallente energy drink giants Quafe was passed today.

Quafe spokesperson Kimberley Purpletooth stated that Quafe had decided that they would like to sponsor the region in an effort to bring the region more appeal. “It’s important that we give unknown Gallente regions such as Verge Vendor more coverage in the grand scheme of New Eden life.”

The exact terms of the sponsorship deal are currently a secret but Kimberley went on to say. “Nobody in Jita has ever heard of the Verge Vendor region let alone visited the place. Imagine if we changed that somehow, what we could do for the region. Here’s a free drinks voucher, all you have to do is fly to the Verge Vending Machine region to claim your crate of free Quafe.”

The Senate was unavailable for comment as it had closed early so its staff could celebrate Gallente Nationalist Pink Hair Day.



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