Test Alliance leadership to be chosen by live TV talent show

ALPARENA: Following the resignations of previous leadership and directorate staff, sometimes just days and weeks into their respective posts, the Test Alliance Please Ignore alliance is hoping to introduce a new style of parliamentary election to help restore faith in its political system.

According to leaked reports, the next batch of top level leaders will be selected via a live X-Factor-style talent show in which the electorate will be able to phone in or text each week to vote for their favorites. Details reveal that after several preliminary rounds of voting, a three-person jury will mentor a selection of promising spaceship politicians to form several cabinets, which will again go to the public vote to find an overall winner.

Crucially, this competition will be held twice a year, ensuring each leadership team has just six months in the post.

“For the sake of abiding by all relevant legal and constitutional procedures as well as sound implementation of the rule of the Dreddit Court, holding a Testie’s Got Talent show to elect our next government seems like the only decent thing to do,” an insider told the waiting press.

While dates and TV networks are yet to be finalized, rumors were circling on various political blogs last night that former TEST member and County Dispatch Heroes CEO Neville Chamberlain was on the verge of signing a multi-billion ISK contract to join the jury, while current leader BoodaBooda was spotted in the Duty Free section of Jita International Spaceport, igniting rumors that he would be joining the panel once his leadership expires.


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