Former inmates of Hagilur leper colony return to peaceful home

HAGILUR: Embo Jakoli once considered this tiny island system a ‘hell in New Eden,’ a place where failed nullsec workers beat the leprosy patients exiled here and forced them into harsh labor, 24-hour gatecamps, sterilizations and abortions.

But two years ago, old, sick and broke, Embo returned to the place he’d been banished to with his Dead Terrorist alliance mates many downtimes ago.

His savings wiped out by Outer Ring Dengue Fever treatment, the 54-year-old now hopes to live the rest of his life with hundreds of other former alliance mates in Hagilur, a lowsec system which sits off the north-western tip of Metropolis highsec and the Bei solar system and has become a mini-welfare state for failed nullsec forces.

Despite the misery many say they endured here, dozens are returning each year, partly for the free medical care, plentiful gatecamp killmails, food and housing offered to former and current Dead Terrorist pilots.
But the one-time place of exile has also become a peaceful refuge for many after years of discrimination and hardship, the only place they feel at home.
‘I came here because I thought I should camp gates while being nursed by my logibros,’ said Embo, who had a bitter, lonely childhood in Fade and Pure Blind with regular vacations to the Hagilur colony, but came back to find that Hagilur had utterly changed for the better.

Most returnees are cured of nullsec life and the horrors they witnessed and are free to live wherever they choose. But many say life is better in Hagilur than outside the lowsec island and with killmails flowing, a few lepers won’t stop the feel-good factor.






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