KwarK uK recalls veldspar-mining youth in candid new interview

FOUNTAIN: Having already made the shocking revelation that his multi-trillion ISK empire began in a tiny Quafe station in Saranen, Fatal Ascension’s trusted alliance ship logistics and replacement director KwarK uK has now spoken out for the first time about his early years working in a Molden Heath veldspar mine.

In an emotional interview to be broadcast on <-FA-TV> tomorrow, New Eden’s sixth richest man recalled a youth spent working “in the belts” and enjoying few of the luxuries he has today.

“Some weeks we’d get nowt but a piece of veldpsar to take home to Teonusude. And not good veldspar – the bad stuff they couldn’t sell or reprocess. I’d take that home and we’d share it out between 15 of us and we’d put it towards some bread and our tackle Rifter fund. But we were happy,” he said, wiping his eyes on a diamond encrusted handkerchief carried by a team of porters and delivered via its own personal service drone.

“Back then, I’d have never have dreamed about owning a fleet of carriers and kitting them all out with panda fur and Jacuzzis and gold like I do nowadays, it were just about making ends meet, like.

“People used to say, ‘KwarKy lad, you’re meant for more than this.’ But down at that bloody mine, I were just one of the lads, know what I mean?”

KwarK’s astonishing rags to riches story is soon set to be dramatised for the silver screen, with Gallente actor George Krooney a surprise pick to play the Deteis prince in a multi-million ISK production by Hatchery Film Syndicate, owned by, you guessed it, KwarK uK.


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