RAZOR Alliance to sink PL Titan off coast of B-R5RB planet V in unique diving facility

B-R5RB: One of B-R5RB’s less popular beach resorts is set to become the system’s new must-visit destination – after one of the wrecked PL Titans is sunk into the waters of the Immen Gulf, two kilometres off the Sovereign coastline.

Titan Under The Waves (formerly Sala Cameron’s Ragnarok) is expected to be ready for visitors by the second half of this year. The titan will – according to reports – combine the excitement of SCUBA exploration with capital ship exploration as well as watersport and leisure facilities.

“Not only are we creating a luxury watersports facility for residents and visitors alike, we’re breathing new life into one of the many dead titans,” said project manager Niffer Mac. “We expect ‘submarine titan regeneration’ to become the buzzword of this year.”

Mac also confirmed rumours that some parts of the titan would remain operational while underwater, and that “several” big-name alliances had expressed an interest in leasing weapons.

“We’re inviting diving enthusiasts to wave goodbye to reefs and say hello to underwater ship exploration,” added Mac. “Where else in the universe could you see starfish swimming in the workings of a Draclira’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb, or mingle with manta rays in a burnt out Pith X-Type Explosive Deflection Field? Only at Titan Under The Waves.”

Mac also suggested that, given the site location, Titan Under The Waves will be able to offer discounts to all RAZOR members and their families.

“For those wishing to visit a titan in a completely different setting, this could be the perfect destination!” she chuckled.


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