Ueberlisk the musical wows fans

TEONUSUDE: Critics have been unanimous in praise for Oh Ueber!, the new musical based on the life and times of The Hatchery pilot and The King Of The East, Ueberlisk, which had its debut on Teonusude’s West End last night.

Oh Ueber! was described as “a riotous romp right from the opening scene” by Cyno Out magazine, while The Oddelulf Guardian called it the “king of kings of musicals”.

Written by Neb Etlon, the high-octane show features songs including ‘Ueberlisk, He’ll Go Far (But Not South Of Bosena)’, ‘Machariel Be Damned’, ‘The Undocking Jam’, ‘Mission Runner Got The Blues’ and ‘Been Gazin’ At Your Cyno, It Made Me Want To Cry’, with a 30-strong dancing troupe made up of several members of Ueberlisk’s own all-girl bodyguard unit.

“Rocky Horror Picture Show meets the Lion King meets Terminator the Musical; the exhilarating Oh Ueber! will have audiences singing and dancing all the way home,” declared the Egbinger Evening Standard.

It is believed that Ueberlisk declined his invitation to the screening because of logistic reasons.

Oh Ueber! will run in theatres across Molden Heath and Metropolis until March 1st.


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