Orphaned clone children scramble for Pirate Trading Cards

RANEILLES: In an intriguing development in the Verge Vendor region, it was reported yesterday that orphaned clone children from terrorist activities and mining disasters in the Hevrice and surrounding solar systems have begun trading in rare collectable Pirate Trading Cards.

The young orphans, mostly of Gallente ethnicity, were said to be overjoyed at the release of the playing cards and were greatly enjoying beating their friends in mock pirate card battles. Some were even reported to have swapped their bread rations for the chance to add Suleiman Shouaa to their fleet.

“Whilst this is a fantastic and innovative idea that gives our thousands of children something to do during the long hours and keeps them from wandering the station corridors the fact isn’t lost on us that these ‘pirates’ that they are playing mock space battles with are the very people who put them in the orphanage in the first place with their murderous ways and plundering,” said a spokesperson for the Raneilles Clone Children Orphan House.

Samy Gaterau, 10, who lost his parents to a hostile terrorist attack on their family owned Venture in Hevrice last March was excited to speak to the gathered reporters. “I would just like to very much say to mister Rixx that we think he is the greatest pirate man in New Eden for giving us these playing cards and we love him and one day hope to fly in one of his spaceships, yeah!”

With rumours spreading that more of the cards are set to be released in the very near future it is exciting times ahead for the orphans as they look forward to the next pirate capsuleers that they will be able to add to their fleets. The hottest gossip of a possible special edition gold Santo Trafficante card with added smartbomb sound effects have yet to be confirmed.



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