Dyslexic Hisec cleric issues fatwa against gankers showing their cattle lists in public

BALLE: A firebrand dyslexic Hisec cleric based near Dodixie came under fire yesterday after he issued a religious edict against suicide gankers displaying their cattle lists in public.

Writing in his weekly column in a local newspaper, Chesterfield Fancypantz declared it “morally repugnant and a sin for gankers to show their cattle lists outside of the family space station”.

Intergalactic human rights groups immediately condemned the move, with many campaigners claiming that the gankers should be able to choose for themselves whether or not to show their cattle lists outside of the comforts of the station. They also questioned whether any of the gankers were even in the livestock business in the first place.

Fancypants is no stranger to controversy for his incendiary writing. In YC111 he was criticised by animal rights organisations after issuing a fatwa against all graphical depictions of PvP dogs.


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