progodlegend pushes CSM election bid with launch of al-Nulli aftershave

AZN-D2: Nulli Secunda’s military chief Field Marshal progodlegend has added further fuel to the rumours that he will soon cement his seat on the CSM 9 board with this morning’s launch of a new official celebratory aftershave.

The official progodlegend al-Nulli cologne, which was unveiled by progodlegend himself, is described as having an “adrenalised blend of powerful, winning tones”.

“Only with progod’s al-Nulli splash can you get that distinct Head of State scent,” said progod at the launch as his devout followers queued through the night to be able to purchase the new scent.

The launch comes just days after progodlegend said he would consider standing for chairman of CSM only if his Nulli Secunda followers “really, really want” him to.

Speaking to the Nulli Secunda army’s recently launched digital newspaper ‘The progod 4 chair innit Global Daily’, the humble general admitted that he had been “bowled over” by his rise in the opinion polls.

“It’s just crazy to think that not only my followers, but the New Eden people in general are looking to me as their future leader, a simple army man and someone who has few political ambitions beyond removing the other candidates and arresting much of my opposition, to lead them in highsec and low and my null kingdoms, a true honour” he said.


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