One more day of angry protests key to solving Jump Fatigue crisis, agree experts

JITA: With the subscription death toll from the Jump Fatigue epidemic rising ever higher as forum warriors yesterday continued their bloody crackdown against CCP Greyscale supporters, experts have unanimously agreed that another day of unrest is exactly what the forums need to ease the growing crisis.

“We firmly believe that the 0.0 Sovereign group’s call for another day of angry demonstrations against Greyscale and his mad plans and the impending introduction of the much despised Jump Fatigue Disease is the perfect solution to the situation and will, we’re sure, bring peace and jump stability once again across the cluster,” said Gregor Lachlan of the Middle New Eden Fair Jump Policy Initiative, a Deklein-based think tank. “Only after another 24 hours of action will the CCP dogs realise the error of their ways and reverse their decision, which will in turn see calm restored across New Eden.”


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