Killboard Owners’ Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

JITA: It has been weeks now since ex-lovebirds Squizz Caphinator and Karbowiak seemingly parted ways for good over differences relating to their killboard and billboard enterprises, but now it appears that there may be a chance for reconciliation as one of the duo was reported to have announced on Toonbook that they are now talking.

“We’re still not on the best of terms in the whole killboard thing. But we’re talking and working together somewhat.” Karbowiak announced in response to a question on a live video feed hosted by a local media outlet.

He continued.

“Squizzy came over to my mansion in Jita and wanted his CD’s back. I have to admit that hurt like crazy but I even let him have our shared vintage copy of Sports – Huey Lewis and the News.”

Wiping away tears Karbowiak ended his address by musing.

“We’re talking. We’re working on things. Who knows if our code will become compatible again.”

Squizz was unavailable for comment. His representatives reported that he was trying to repair a broken forum transmitter.

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