Spacecraft insurance premiums set to rise

Yulai: The New Eden New Ombudsman of Spacecraft Insurers, speaking at a news conference in Yulai in the Genesis region, claimed that an immediate spike has been reported today in insurance claims involving collisions between Combat Recons and an assortment of other vessels.

Doctor Parnassas Pre-Mium reported early signs of chaos on the intergalactic superhighways this morning.

“It has just been unreal. The traffic gridlocks into Jita. Chaos. People are stacked ten deep. Our claims hotlines are jammed. Local lane traffic patrols are stretched. There’s no time frame for when this will be sorted.”

Red Federation pilotĀ Majestic Unicornlover spoke to one of our reporters as he inspected the damage to his beloved Maller, shunted into a smoldering wreck as he headed to a frigate baiting contest in The Citadel.

“I pulled out at the lights in Sobaseki. It was all clear and then WHAM, just like that a Curse has smashed me in the rear thrusters. I had two 1600mm rolled plates on that baby. Now it looks like a wrinkly old Venture.”

When asked to elaborate on the incident.

“I just didn’t see him. Nada. Nothing. I don’t think I’ll make it to the contest now.”

CONCORD are believed to be monitoring the situation closely.

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