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New Icons voted greatest technological development of all time

JITA: Less than a day after they were launched, the New EVE Online Icons have been named ‘New Eden’s Greatest Technological Development’ in an online poll.

The new overview identification system, linking everything from stations to asteroid belts, with shuttles and corpses and a new scaling system for ship sizing, beat favorites including the new stargate animation and the new new player experience tutorial in the list that featured on the official Jita Community website, which many are hailing as a fitting tribute to CCP’s ongoing strive for success in the Jita capital.

“Once again, CCP is number one, in your face haters,” said mother-of-twelve and former Black Nova corp member Emily Jones, 37, who added that she had no desire to use the new icons as she stays home in Jita 4-4 updating buy and sell orders for her husband Clive Jones who is a freelance market trader currently affiliated with the University of Caille.