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Jita Mini-Wormhole Tram voted greatest technological development of all time

JITA: Less than a day after it launched in Jita 4-4, the Jita M-WH Tram was named the ‘Universe’s Greatest Technological Development’ in an online poll.

The new public transport system, which uses small wormholes linking parts of the Jita suburbs and the Jita Marina with areas such as Trader City, Downtime Food Hall, Jita Mall and the main hangar area beat favourites including TheMittani.com and the Mobile Micro Jump Unit in the list that featured on the official Visit Jita website, which many were hailing as a fitting tribute to the system’s ongoing strive for success.

“Once again, Jita is number one, in your face Amarr,” said mother-of-fifty-two Erin Dawson, 47, of the Old Spice Trading Co, who added that she had no desire to use the wormhole tram as she ‘flies’ everywhere in a modified off-road Caldari Shuttle.